• The 2016-2017 practice schedule has been posted on our calendar page.  Click on the calendar below to go directly there.

  • For your convenience take a look when your wrestling division is scheduled to practice this year.

              Clinic - 6:30-8:00pm 
              JV/Varsity - 6:30-8:00pm 

              PreClinic – 6:00-7:15pm

             JV/Varsity - 6:30-8:00pm  

  • Thursday: 
    Clinic - 6:30-8:00pm 
    JV/Varsity - 6:30-8:00pm 

    PreClinic – 8:00-9:00am 
    Clinic – 9:00-10:30am 
    JV/Varsity – 10:30am-12:00pm​ 


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2016-2017 Wrestling Schedule- 

The 2016-2017 season began on Monday November 14th.  We will hold practice for our Clinic, JV, and Varsity divisions starting at 6:30PM.

Pre-Clinic practices are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, December 6th.  6PM Start.

Visit our calendar page for more information regarding practice and match times.

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